Full Membership

Joining as a full member.

Full membership permits you to participate in all sections of the club including Air weapons.

Since the tragic Dunblane massacre the whole process is rather drawn out and governed by law.

First either, collect from the club, or download an application form. If downloading please print double sided, or if that is not possible, you must sign and date each sheet.

Enter you personal details and indicate the type of membership required. If you are not a member of a home office approved club or hold a current Fire Arms Certificate (FAC) then your initial membership is always probationary. If younger than 18 indicate a junior otherwise adult. If you are still in full time education then check with the person who accepts your membership and they will advise if you still qualify for reduced fees. Have the form signed by someone to confirm they have known you for a while and are fit to be involved with firearms. An ideal person is someone you work with. Lastly take the form to the club where it will be countersigned by a club member. You need to pay the requisite fee which is 50% of the annual subscription plus joining fee. We require a photo but we prefer this in electronic format sent to our secretary or, if you’re happy, we can take one when you hand in your form. The photo is so we can issue a membership card and should not hold up your membership if not immediately available.