.22 Target Rifle

Shot at 25yds/50m/100yds, from a lying down (prone) position; .22 target rifle is the most accurate of target shooting disciplines. The guns are single shot (either bolt action or martini action).

We have 5 positions for 25 yards .22 prone target rifle participating in three main events

  • Deliberate
  • Time Limit
  • and Skirmisher

The range is normally dedicated to Prone Target Rifle on Wednesday and Friday evenings between 20:00 and 22:00.

50m and 100 yds events are normally arranged on Saturdays/Sundays at the county range.

Standard ‘Iron’ sights are used for all aspects of this discipline; common manufactures are: Anschutz, Feinwerkbau and BSA.


25 yds 50 m 100 yds
Detail Time 10mins (often less) 10mins (often less) 10mins (often less)
Target NSRA British Match 1989 Series 2510BM + Sighter
NSRA International Meters M.M.12/89 50 Metres 2 Target + Sighter

NSRA British Match 1989 Series 1001BM 100 Yards 1 Target + Sighter
Course of fire One shot at each target* (10) plus sighter’s on additional target(s) Scoring: Maximum 100 points, outward scoring 5 Shots on each target Scoring: Maximum 100 points, inward scoring 10 Shots per target Scoring: Maximum 100 points, inward scoring
* due to the high accuracy of this discipline these are shot with one shot per target.

Time Limit

Detail Time: 90 seconds
Target: NSRA 2510BM + Sighter
Course of fire: Sight in on external Sighter, then one shot at each target within the 90 seconds
Scoring: Maximum 100 points, outward scoring


Detail Time: 60 seconds
Target: NSRA X5 Skirmisher
Course of fire: As many shots as possible within 60 seconds, with no more than two shots on each of the 8 targets, unless 16 scoring shots have been made, in which case you can add a third shot to each target.
Scoring: one point for each ‘hit’, inward scoring.