Bisley Shooter Commands

Please listen carefully to the RCO briefing at the start of the day and the instructions on the firing line when you will be told the commands that will be in use. Not all Range Officers use exactly the same wording however the meaning is the same. Below are the commands that are generally used at the HWDRPC Bisley open days.

Shooters (Detail x) to the firing point please” – informal but the RCO requires the next shooter/s to go immediately to the firing point.  Once at the firing point and when instructed to do so by the RCO settle yourself down into a shooting position with all the equipment you need but do not load the firearm.

Load and Make Ready” This command allows shooters to load their firearms ready for shooting. After this command is issued the line is known as a ‘hot line’.  You must not then leave the firing point without express permission from the RCO and normally permission will not be granted.

After a short period, and once the RCO have observed shooter appear to be ready, they will ask “Is anybody NOT ready?” If you need more time put up your hand or say “Not Ready” (loudly) in doing so the RCO will declare the line of shooter as not ready with “The Line is Not Readymore time will be allowed*, after which the RCO will ask again “Is anybody NOT ready?”  If the RCO does not hear/see a shooter request more time they will issue “The Line IS Ready – Standby

Five to ten seconds after the line is declared ready you will be issued the command “Commence” This is the command that permits you to start shooting.

Assuming there are no interruptions or exceptions you will shoot for the declared period of time after which you will hear three commands normally strung together:
Ceasefire” – Stop shooting immediately, “Unload” – Remove all magazines and cartridges, fired or not, from the firearm and “Show Clear” – Present the firearm and magazine (if magazine used), to the RCO for inspection.  Once they’ve checked your firearm is clear the  RCO will say “Clear” indicating you have permission to insert a breach flag and vacate the firing line taking the firearm with you.

Should it be necessary to temporarily suspend shooting you will hear “Ceasefire”. If there is no following command then just stop shooting and await further instructions. You must NOT attempt to leave the firing point. Once the interruption is over you will hear “Commence” and you may continue shooting.

The most important command is the emergency command “STOP! STOP! STOP!”.  If you hear this command immediately stop firing and remove your finger from the trigger but do nothing else until instructed to do so by the RCO.  Once instructed to do so follow whatever instructions the RCO gives such as putting the firearm on the ground, unloading or stepping back from the firing point.  Do not do anything other than that specifically instructed by the RCO.  Anyone can give the “STOP! STOP! STOP!” command, not just the RCO, if they see something dangerous that requires an immediate cessation of firing.

* NOTE:I f you request extra time more than twice the RCO may disqualify you from shooting. You will have to stay on the firing point whilst the others complete their shooting sequence.

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