Air Gun

In England and Wales there is virtually no restriction on who can own an airgun provided it does not exceed a limiting power (see airgun law). This means we can shoot them anywhere we have permission provided the pellets do not leave the premises/ground over which you have permission to shoot. With a suitable pellet catcher you can set up and practice at home.

Because of this lack of restriction many people do not achieve acceptable levels in their safe use. Whilst the power maybe low they still remain a potentially lethal weapon. This club provides a training schedule to achieve a safe working knowledge of airgun use.
The use of paper targets is a stepping stone to competitive shooting. Whilst the power maybe low it requires much skill and training to achieve high scores.

Airguns remain an Olympic sport which takes a lot of training and dedication to achieve.

Many young people start off shooting airguns but then transfer to live fire and participation high profile events.

Shooting disciplines:
10m Air Pistol
10m Air Rifle

Membership required: Air, Associate or Full
Note: Air membership does not permit participation in any live fire evenings.

Those who are full members may, with agreement of the Range Officer, shoot Air Weapons along side Live Fire provided adequate lane separation is achieved.