Bisley Summer Shoot

This year we’ve added a fourth visit to Bisley as the Summer Shoot.  It will be at 100m on Short Siberia as normal, but rather than at the usual club targets it will be shot at McQueen castle targets.

Each lane has a silhouette castle with cutouts in it.  The target is attached to a wooden pole and raised randomly to appear in any one of the cutouts in the castle.  The shooter has a limited time to shoot the target before it disappears to appear again in a different (or the same) cut-out.

The target is A4 with 5 scoring zones.  For the purpose of this competition breaking the inner dotted circle counts as 5, the next black circle as 4, the blue circle 3, the outer circle 2 and the rest of the paper target scores 1.

The same target will appear 10 times in random locations on the castle, with 1 shot allowed per exposure.  Each exposure will be for between 3 and 5 seconds, with between 10 and  20 seconds between exposures.

The knack is to have the scope zoomed out enough to see the whole castle so the target can be seen appearing from behind the castle.  Its a lot if fun and with the relatively short exposures adds a different challenge to completely static target shooting.


The video below is mini McQueen rather than full sized but gives an idea of what happens (ignore text on screen)

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