Bisley Spring Shoot

Annual shoot held at Bisley on the 100m Short Siberia range.

This is a High Gun event.

Due to costs we have to maximise range use so everyone is arranged into teams of two. The team will go on to compete in the end of day event which is separate to the primary competition. The highest individual aggregate over the course of fire wins the trophy.

Unless told otherwise all engagements will consist of 10 shots in 5 minutes

No sighting, prior to the competition, for rifles to be used in the competition, unless authorised by the Chief Range Conduction Officer.

The first target of the day is ‘precision’ in the form of a NSRA 100yd Centre target. Above this scoring centre will be a sighting target. An extra 5 minutes will be allocated for sighting on this detail Only. It is the shooters prerogative to proportion time between scoring and sighting target. No extra time will be allowed.

The remainder of the targets will usually be 3 of the following.

Rabbit, Turkey, Pigeon, Eccentric Circles

Rules: Rifles maybe of any calibre unless restricted by the range orders or by the Chief Range Conducting officer on the day.

Malfunctions: in the case of a malfunction and once signalled to the RCO, extra time will be allowed at the discretion of the RCO.

The rifle maybe supported by a single device (bipod/sand bag) on the fore stock. No rear support of any type is permitted. The shooter may physically hold the rear end of the stock, unsupported, against the shoulder.

Slings and Jackets maybe used as per the NSRA prone shooting rules.

Scoring will be inward and not adjusted for calibre.
Cross shooting i.e. shooting someone else’s card: where a card has on it more than the required number of shots, the scorer shall score the appropriate number of shots with the lowest value. If it is feasible to distinguish cross shots by means of calibre then scoring as normal. The cross shots, if able to determine the shooter, will be scored a miss, and, a penalty of 1 point per lost shot will be applied.


Shooting is permitted from 8:30. It is planned to get the facilities to the range for this time.

No shooting is permitted till the Chief Range Officer has signed over control.

No shooting till you have registered and paid.
Registration will open after the facilities have been set up.

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