Bisley Double Challenge

Double Calibre Chalenge

DoubleCalChalengeLike the Jubilee shoot this is a team event. Teams will be randomly picked immediately after briefing. Anyone arriving after this time will NOT be eligible for the competition. If you do not have access* to the requisite firearms you may still shoot but not as part of the competition. You MUST declare this at registration time.

This shoot has a twist. You will shoot the same course of targets twice using both a .22lr (small bore rifle) and a centre fire rifle of any calibre (.22 if you wish). The aggregate score of both sets of targets will count towards the team score.

Targets: 100yd NSRA bull’s-eye, Turkey and Rabbit therefore a total of 6 targets will be shot. It is essential for a prompt start and those arriving after briefing maybe denied participation. You may shoot each card in any order i.e. 22lr first or fullbore first as long as each target type is shot with both calibres. Shooting times as follows: First target of the sequence will be a NSRA bull’s-eye. 10 shots in 5 minutes at the scoring target. On the same frame will be a sighting card (top). An extra 5 minutes will be allowed for sighting. A total of 10 minutes allowed for sighting and scoring. Second of the sequence will be two targets on the frame. Turkey at the top and rabbit below. Again 10 shots in 5 minutes per target. A total of 10 minutes will be allocated to shoot both targets. The sequence will be repeated again for the second calibre.

* The club has a selection of .22 rifles so if you have only a centre fire you can use a club rifle. Likewise the club has some 7.62’s. Ensure you make it known, at registration, that you wish to use a club rifle so that we don’t have shooters, in the same detail, wanting the same firearm.

Pre competition shooting. There is an option for shooting before the competition starts provided you have already signed in. This is for general sighting in for 22lr (small bore) ONLY. This is to allow rifles normally shot at 20/25yds to be adjusted to 100yds. NO fullbore sighting will be permitted with out express permission from the CRO. This will only be allowed should there have been significant changes to the rifle  since the last Bisley shoot.

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