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Ok I know we are a little late with this update, but life is always fast pace as I am sure you all know. A five minute job never takes 5 minutes, and a quick phone call is never quick . But today we have a special update with some pictures from our very own photgrapher and artist Briony. I will attach some links if you want to see some of her other work in a separate gallery section, just click on…  AIR SECTION GALLERY and you will be able to see all of the pictures taken.


In other news…

The competition is hotting up in the last section of our inter club Air Section competition.

The last one is a Skirmish, this is Sports Rifle free standing with no support. But to make it that little more grueling you have 60 seconds time limit to get off as many shots as possible with a magazine change in the middle.


This target is effectively the size of a thumb print at 20 yards in a free standing position, starting with Magazine loaded and primed. Pointed at a 45 Degree angle with finger away from the trigger (Safety at all times) until start.

I always fumble (still) trying to get the second magazine loaded. If you think you can do better (and maybe you can) pop on over to the club and give it a go.

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