Air Section News May 2016

This is where we keep you up to date with what is happening, not only within our little domain. But also within the world of Air Rifles and pistols, that we feel you would would like to be kept updated with.

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Here we are again with the second update of the Air Section News.

First of all we should really keep you updated with the next target to be shot this month.

20160505_195706v2Yes we have kept with the same theme, satisfying the lust for shooting Air Rifles and the dart’s player within you. Always wishing that there was some way you could combine the 2 passions, Well we aim to please.

This works exactly the same way as your game of Darts, in the original game you would get 3 darts to get your best score up to 180! being a 3 x 20 in the triple scoring ring.  Think that you have got what it takes?

And as always Percy Pigeon our knock down Pigeon target will be there to take your remaining rounds in the magazine, hit him in the head (he is fine with it) and to reset, hit him in the chest and the head will reset so don’t lose your head over it. {Waver: no real pigeons were hurt, maimed or killed during this or any other shot}


In other news…

It’s Club wide competition time, All sections and all disciplines are flexing their muscles, stretching out polishing their barrels in readiness for our big club events. We would love to put all the competitions available, but then this would not be the Air Section News. So we can only show our new competition which will take us to the end of the year.

20160529_191158We all want that shiny trophy on our mantelpiece or shelf, to be presented at the next AGM, I know I do…Mmmm Shiny Trophy arrrggg (*dribbles uncontrollably*) er…ok so give it a go, does not matter if you don’t think you can get up to the mark. It’s all about the taking part, and gives you something to improve upon next year.


We are doing a new feature over the next few months called an Air Section Review. This is where we get one of our members to show off their beloved weapon of choice, giving you and new members alike the ammunition (yes pun intended) to make an informed decision when it comes to your next purchase.

Air Section Review.

This week’s review is for our new Club Rifle, The BSA ULTRA SE .22 with synthetic stock with Theo. Theo is a regular shooter from our Junior section of the club. He has been with us for a few months now, and is already showing to be a compitent and competative shooter.


Interviewer: So what got you interested in shooting and made you join the club.                     Theo: I have always been interested in shooting as far back as I can remember. But only have been shooting for about 1 1/2 years, after getting an Air-soft pistol 2 Christmas’s ago. I then got interested in all types of  shooting. One day I went to one of the clubs open-days, I loved it so much and just wanted to join, have been here ever since.

Interviewer: So you have had some time to play with the new BSA Ultra, how are you finding it so far.         Theo: Very Accurate, short but comfortable.

Interviewer: What is the weight like, is it heavy?             Theo: Very similar to the one I used before, that is all I compare it too, very light I think. (Air Arms S200 PCP single shot)

Interviewer: How hard is it to load?              Theo: Very easy, you need to take care on how you load the pellet into the magazine. It is possible to load it the wrong way.

Interviewer: What is the grouping like when shooting?           Theo: Very good. You can shoot a 5p size in the middle of the target, in the rested position at 20 Yards with no problem.

Interviewer: Does It have any issues you know of like Jamming etc.?        Theo: None that I have had, has a smooth firing with no issues so far.

Thank you Theo.

We have found a video on the BSA Ultra SE which we have posted below, and as always feel free to direct all your comments and suggestions to: Rick or Jo.