The current (2015) annual club fees are as follows:

Full Membership £110.00
Full Junior* Membership £70.00

Associate Membership
Associate Junior Membership

Air Membership: Adult £50    (maybe paid each 6 month i.e. £25) **
Air Membership: Junior £25 (maybe paid each 6 month i.e. £12.50) **

Student £10 – see Student

Probationary – see Joining

Family discounts: a 10% discount on the lower fee for joint membership at the same household
i.e. 2 Adults = £110 + £99 = £209
1 Adult  and  1 Junior = £110 + £63 = £173

Range fees (fee per visit) are currently suspended and are reviewed continuously.

Fees are due from 31st January each year, following the levy being decided at the AGM during the month.

Fees must be paid by 31st March otherwise your membership will cease and you will have to re-apply
* Junior is someone under the age of 18 OR in full time education i.e. school/college/university
** Air membership does NOT permit participation in any live fire. One will have to apply for full membership to do so – the law